Best 10 Plugins for Your Elementor Website

Best 10 Plugins for Your Elementor Website - Blog Post - Elementor Website
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Table of Contents

List of the 10 Best WordPress Plugins for site

We have picked the best 10 plugins for your elementor website you should use on your Elementor site.

These WordPress plugins will make your life easier while you build, manage or update your Elementor website.

You will find 58,604 plugins in the WordPress plugins repository. And it’s very difficult to choose from them.

Also, you can not use all of them since more plugins will make your site slower. Which we don’t want.

Rank Math is the most powerful SEO in the current situation. Yoast is also good but Rank Math is much better when it comes to features and everything. #1 WordPress SEO Plugin in 2021 – Rank Math is a WordPress SEO plugin that makes it simple for anyone to improve their content using built-in suggestions on widely accepted best practices. Rank Math’s premium version currently has two alternatives: Pro – $59 – track up to 1,000 keywords and use on unlimited personal websites. $199 for a business license that allows you to use it on an endless number of personal and client websites.

Rank Math for elementor website builder

The best wordpress plugin to duplicate pages or posts. The Duplicate Page and Post plugin allow you to duplicate a page or a post. With a simple click, you may clone pages, posts, and custom posts, and they will be saved as drafts. Duplicate page and post doesn’t have all of the features and conveniences that other plugins offer, but it is extremely fast.

Duplicate Page plugin for elementor website builder

Manage your blog post types order easily. The term “post types” refers to the various sorts of material that can be found on a WordPress site. When WordPress incorporated new types of content, such as pages, it was referred to as a new type of post, therefore post type. WordPress later included the possibility for developers to register their own custom post type in future editions.

Post Types Order for elementor website

Use ManageWP to manage multiple wordpress sites together.

Manage Updates to manage your elementor website design

Antispam Bee blocks spam comments and trackbacks without sending personal information. In WordPress, there are several options for preventing spam comments. You can do it by manually, reading and removing each one one at a time, but this could take hours. You can also use the free Antispam Bee plugin to automatically block spam comments based on the rules you set.

Antispam Bee elementor website plugin

The best wordpress plugin for the security of your website. Overall, experts agree iThemes Security is an excellent security plugin for all WordPress users. Amateurs can secure their websites for free, but small businesses and owners of more serious websites can upgrade to better protection for a comparatively cheap cost.

iThemes Security for elementor website examples

Use custom skin on your site. This plugin gives Elementor Page Builder’s Articles and Posts Archive a fresh look. A loop item can be designed in the same way as a single template and then used as a skin to create a post grid.

Elementor Custom skin for elementor website examples

Create and administer custom post types in wordpress.

Custom Post Type plugin for elementor website templates

This plugin shows the google analytics dashboard for WordPress. Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is a free WordPress plugin that works well with WooCommerce. Keep in mind that this plugin has some restrictions. It only works with basic products. It’s also incompatible with certain WordPress themes, such as custom or child themes.

ExactMetrics wordpress plugin for elementor website design

Optimize your original website images with this plugin. for elementor website design
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